gst MYO Clan vs. Resiliance - 1:2  
gst MYO Clan vs. TeamName - 15:5  
Featured Content Picture #1 New site is live. There's a lot going on here at MYO and our CoD rosters are fighting clan wars, while our BF teams are competing in tournaments. Please stay tuned as we update some site information as we go. Click forums, then "applications tab" to submit an application. Stay tuned for more info, videos, streams, and announcements!
  G2 Clan war // April 2nd
  Diamond Clan War // April 4th

Welcome to the New Website
If you are interested in joining MYO: Click on the forums tab, then register at the top. After registering, click "Application Forms" and apply to clan. DO NOT register on the home page as it is not fully functional yet. Thank you for your patience.